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“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”  -BB King

The staff at the Pendleton Presbyterian Preschool is passionate about their dedication to children. It is our belief that a positive preschool experience will help create a firm foundation and a love of learning to last throughout life.  Your child will be presented with many opportunities to learn and grow in social, emotional, fine motor, and large motor skills.  We have a loving, supportive, fun, and safe classroom for your child's first preschool experience! 
Educational Assistant
Educational Assistant
Educational Assistant
Deborah Bridgman

Ms. Mitchell is the newest staff member at the Preschool.  This is her second year as the Educational Assistant in the Red Room for the Early Learners.  Ms. Mitchell spends her summers as a youth camp counselor and is currently pursuing a degree in Child Psychology. She is excited to share her knowledge with the students.  In her free time Ms. Mitchell enjoys spending time with family and friends, sewing, playing soccer, and playing her trombone.

This is Ms. VanLeuven's second year working at the Preschool, however, she has worked as a volunteer for the last two years.  She is the Educational Assistant in the Red Room for the Pre-Kindergarten class and recently finished her degree in Early Childhood Education. When Ms. VanLeuven isn't working at the Preschool she enjoys spending time with her four children, watching television, reading and traveling. 

This is Mrs. Bird's third year working as the Educational Assistant in the Blue Room with both the Early Learners and the Pre-Kindergarten classes.  Mrs. Bird has previously worked as a child care provider and is excited to continue to help children grow and learn.  When she isn't working at the Preschool, she enjoys watching her boys play sports, cooking, and camping and hunting with her husband and two sons. 

Mrs. Albright is in her third year as the Director and Teacher at the Pendleton Presbyterian Preschool.  She teaches in the Blue Room for both the Early Learners and Pre-Kindergarten students.  She previously taught Spanish and French at Pendleton High School for over 20 years.  After retiring from teaching high school, Mrs. Albright was ready for a new challenge and joined the staff at the Preschool.  She is thrilled to share her love of learning with her preschool students.  Mrs. Albright enjoys helping her students grow, learn, and reach their preschool goals.  In her spare time she loves to read, garden, watch t.v., and spend time with her grandchildren. ​

Ms. Bridgman has been at the Pendleton Presbyterian Preschool since 2015.  She is the Red Room teacher for both the Early Learners and Pre-Kindergarten programs.  Ms. Bridgman has a degree in Elementary Education and has lived in Pendleton for eight years.  She enjoys music and plays the guitar and the flute.  She also shares her love of music with the students, teaching music and movement.  When she isn't working at the preschool, she enjoys spending time reading, going to the park, playing music, and family time with her son and  two daughters.  

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